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Twenty Four.

May 13, 2019

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Every brick they throw at you, use it to stand on.

November 16, 2017

The package arrived. It was heavier than last time. 


I cried last Friday night. Tears of anger, I cried. I have been saving for wine school. After receiving honorary marks on my last exam in Washington, D.C. I registered to take my level three exam with the trust of Wine Sprit & Education. 


Late Friday night I received an email asking me to withdraw from the course and that they would refund my money if I would like. It was a long email, but the gist of it was this. You will never make it. I choose the hard route, I know I did. In an ideal world I would attend my classes in person. I would attend blind tastings and I would do really well. I, however, was not afforded that luxury. In person classes are nearly five times the cost, and due to my location nearly four hours away. I will instead take the class on my own, teaching myself from the books, and fly to Philadelphia in May for my exam.


Along with another student in a similar program we have compiled a collection of seventy six of the most classic examples of wine in the world. Each day we blind taste each other on ten of these wines. We have this marvel of an invention called a Coravin. It was developed by a surgeon, and is a thin needle that I can insert into the cork of a bottle and withdraw wine as the bottle is backfilled with argon. It is ingenious. Our bottles go from having a life of a day to six or more months. 


Every day we blind taste. It becomes exhausting. We work to identify the fruit character, secondary and tertiary aromas, alcohol, tannin, and acid structure of each wine to lead us to a particular variety, region, and year conclusion. 


I have a long way to go, but this is what I am studying and I love it. It's amazing all the things I am daily learning through blind tasting. Concerning my missing out on classroom blind tastings, I think I am well covered. 


I sat down, late at night, fingers ablaze, as I wrote back the school informing them that I would not be withdrawing from the course. 


My books arrived today.


My goals are big and every day I have to hustle hard. Women, we have to hustle harder. 


She knew the power of her mind and she programmed it for success. 

The Watson household has been increasingly busy as the holidays near. We celebrated Mitchell's 27th birthday this past weekend in Greensboro at a lovely locally sourced restaurant called the Traveled Farmer. Talk about the best Old Fashioned I've ever had. The bartender lit a barrel on fire and held my glass over it as smoke filled my glass. It was topped off with a peaty infused ice cube, with the perfect amount of bitters. The peatier the better is my motto. 



Mitchell is working overtime at the hospital. I'm working overtime in the wine store. Then of course there are our kitties. Zelda just returned home from the vet where she received her fifth cast.


If you haven't checked out our Go Fund Me page we would love for you too! With the holidays getting closer money is getting tighter and we would appreciate any amount of help we could get. 


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