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Crafting Your Own Cork Wreath

November 26, 2017


I've been wanting to do something with my pile of corks for months. My chicken wire cork holder I'd purchased from Target was literally overflowing its brim. 


It's November, so it was time. Time for some holiday cork crafting. 


If you're anything like me you are bound to have corks lying around your house, maybe not enough for a wreath, but I can help you get there. 


So what do you need to make your own wine cork wreath? 


300+ corks I like to use a variety, synthetic, real cork, always previously used cork. Throw in some champagne corks as well. 

Hot glue gun

An abundance of glue sticks for your hot glue gun

14" Styrofoam Floral Wreath I used this one. 


Christmas Picks ones that you would put in a Christmas tree. I used bright red berries. 


You can find this whole list at Michael's or Hobby Lobby. I had a coupon for Michael's and purchased all of this for $12.31. Minus the hot glue gun, but you should be able to get a decent hot glue gun for $10-15. 


Now how do you get 300 corks? You could always buy them off Amazon, but corks aren't cheap. On average it is usually about $20 for 100 corks. Making your wreath should not be expensive. So first, save all the corks for your bottles. Drink some wine! Its the holidays! Second, ask anyone you know for corks, your grandma, mom, sister-in-law, people have corks that they have no idea what to do with. And third, the best idea for you. Go ask restaurants if they have any corks they are looking to get rid of. Most restaurants save their corks and don't use them. I went restaurant to restaurant and was gifted hundreds of corks for free! There is no reason to spend the money when you don't have to. 


Now onto making the wreath. Separate your corks into ugly ones and pretty ones. The pretty ones you will use last.


Take the ugly corks and begin gluing them onto the styrofoam wreath. Glue them so that the body of the cork follows the curve of the wreath. The step will take approximately 200 corks if you are using a 14". Do NOT use any of the champagne corks on this bottom layer. You want all the corks to lay flat.


Be attentive to glue the corks as close together as possible. 

Once you have completely covered the wreath, place your bow or item of choice onto the side of wreath the will be facing out.


Hot glue it where you would like it to stay. 


Now, using your "pretty" corks, begin gluing them to side of the wreath that will be facing out. This time you will glue them in a random array, making the cork placement look less structured. This step will take approximately 100 corks. Use any champagne corks you have during this step.


Once all your corks are glued onto your wreath, insert the Christmas tree picks around your bow and glue them into place.


Lift your wreath to make sure that all corks are firmly glued into place.


You have successfully made your wreath! Hope you enjoyed this step by step guide.


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Happy Holidays and Merry Christmas!

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