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May 13, 2019

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Choosing My One Word, Renew

January 21, 2019



I feel air swell up in my lungs even just saying the word. 




I've started to go to yoga on a daily basis. I don't know what provoked such change of pace in my life, but I actually could see myself becoming a yogi. So far I am always the worst student in class, but I love yoga. 

Each year I make habit of doing a personal year end retreat. This isn't something magical that I came up with, but something that Mike Ashcraft, pastor of Port City Church did. In this personal retreat you spend most of your time reflecting on the year that has past, but also formulating your hopes for the quickly approaching new year. The retreat encourages you, to instead of New Years' Resolutions, to choose a word as a lens as which to see your coming year. I am eight years into choosing words. 




That is my word for 2019. 


I found myself outpaced in the previous year. There was so much that happened, from buying our first home, to losing Guinness, to Hurricane Florence, and my car accident. I found very little rest last year. My bones actually felt tired. 


I started 2019 through a lens of renewal. That started with my body, hence I started going to yoga. It's amazing how long a broken sternum takes to heal. I finally feel like yoga is helping the process. 


I am also striving to renew both spiritually and mentally. Busyness often keeps us from investing into our mental and spiritual well being. Busyness is also the enemy of renewal.


I read 2 Corinthians 4:16 and cling to the truth to not lose heart, because though we are outwardly decaying, we are inwardly being renewed day by day. 


So I am veering away from overwhelming busyness this year and leaning into renewal of my body, soul, and mind, that I may see clearer and find more rest. 




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