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May 13, 2019

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Publishing, Mounting Your Everest

March 4, 2019


I should so write a book." Some of you have been saying this to yourself for the past ten consecutive years. I know that I one hundred percent have. Like what a fantastical idea.


The hardest part of writing a book is actually the writing part. I would have to set daily goals for myself to read. Monday, 500 words. Tuesday 3,000 words. Wednesday, 1,500 words. I have always been a huge journaler, but writing 40K words is hard. I felt like I was writing the same three ideas over and over again.


But if you can overcoming the daunting hurdle of actually getting your words into print, then you can get to the publishing phase.


I wanted to sit down and actually give you the real tips that helped me self publish. First, it’s WAY easier than you think if you stick to it. That is the key. I spent hours each day working on this book.


Create your document in Microsoft Word. It’s the easiest platform to format. After my writing was complete I did hire an editor. This was the largest part of my budget. Which I’ll be honest, was $500. There are a lot of editors out there, and you can spend WAY over my budget real fast. Find an editor that focuses on books like your own. You don’t need someone who focuses on Marvel fiction editing your mom-to-be book.


So outside of editing. You can hire out your cover art, but living in 2019 I think it’s silly. I used a website called Canva. It allows you to design anything you pretty much want for FREE. They have hundreds of images and templates. I highly recommend. But I know some of you lack all creative genes in your body, so maybe you hire out for cover art.


So actually publishing your book— you’ll want to use Kindle Direct Publishing. There are probably thirty other self publishing platforms out there, but if you actually want to sell more than one copy of your book I recommend doing Kindle Direct Publishing. Another; cover formatting I found this super difficult. I needed to use Adobe Photoshop to bring all elements of my cover together. In order to create layers and then merge them all together in the correct size, this worked great for me.


Write write write. They say a good manuscript for non fiction is going to clock in at 40K-60K words. This is a lot of writing. But also my book is not that long. For perspective my book is 35K words before editing and is 180 pages. That is good for me. Don’t write just to fill word count. Write because you are inspired.



Readers, thank you for following along with my journey to publishing.


Grains of Grace will be available for pre-order on April 29th on Barnes and Noble online! That’s hardly a month and a half away.


Holy-crap. Is this actually happening?


I really hope that YOU are the first to pre-order. I hope you share this book with your friends, your daughters, your sisters. I write because this is gold ya’ll. You twenty-something woman. I am writing to you. I want you to be the very best version of yourself. I want you to thrive, and most of all I want you to truly love Jesus.  


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