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Twenty Four.

May 13, 2019

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Why You Should Read Grains of Grace

April 25, 2019

Ya'll I wish you could have seen me three nights ago. Let me take that back. No one on this earth wishes they would have seen me three nights ago. My sweet husband has been working night shifts, so night time, as you could imagine, I go into full book preparation mode. I am editing, drafting content, responding to comments and emails, and sending postcards packs. This is my dream life. I just happen to be doing it all at night and into the wee hours of the morning. 


So let's get super close, and very honest. It was just past one a.m. I had just finished all my work, and I'm standing brushing my teeth in an oversized goodwill tee shirt in my underwear. I see something run in my backyard, and remember I need to go bring Zelda, our cat, inside. I open the back door squinting to see without my glasses, and ya'll Zelda is definitely out there, but she isn't alone.


It's Henrietta. This mammoth opossum that lives in the brush in our backyard.  


Zelda has chased it up a tree and it is now hanging from a vine. I accidentally left the door open behind me, so at one in the morning in the pitch dark, I am chasing two of my cats, and now Pluto, our dog, around the backyard in my underwear while this opposum hisses at them from the vine. I feel a little crazy.


I finally win the chase and as I am walking back inside I step in a fresh dog turd.


I wish I could make this stuff up.


I want you to read Grains of Grace because you are getting the real me. There is nothing left out. You will laugh, cry, and smile all at the same time. Grains of Grace is a manifestation of me and everything that the Lord is even still teaching me. 


It dives into what it really has looked like for me to reach a point where I am thriving in my twenties. I want this just as bad for you. I want you to thrive in your twenties with humility, elegance, and the desire to love and serve others like Jesus. This is what you were created for. This is a life worth pursuing wholeheartedly.  



Grains of Grace will be made available for preorder this upcoming MONDAY, April 29th, on Barnes & Noble Online. It is available in paperback and ebook format, so buy whichever one you enjoy reading most!




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